NFL Games

At Mulligan’s Pub in Hoboken, New Jersey, we offer NFL games on Monday and Thursday nights and all day Sunday. You can sit anywhere in the bar and see the game on any TV.

The back room at Mulligan’s is the top choice for fans who want to cheer on the Philadelphia Eagles. We offer the rest of the NFL lineup live as well, so no matter which team you support, you’ll find your team playing on a big screen here.

The atmosphere on game days is high-spirited and enthusiastic as fans pour in to cheer on their favorite NFL team. We open early on Sundays so that you won’t miss any of the game. Mulligan’s is populated by regulars, so you’ll get to know other fans as well as the regular patrons when you join us on game day.

We have a great selection on tap, and our bartenders are friendly and considerate, always watching to see if you need a refill. We pride ourselves on our fast service, and we treat patrons like family. At Mulligan’s, you’re among friends and family, and you’ll feel at home here.

Join us on game day and order your favorite drink. We can’t wait to serve you!